May topic -- camera phone/point-and-shoot

Submitted by DonPicard on Fri, 04/20/2012 - 10:02

The "big guys" in photography keep telling us that it's not the camera, it's the photographer who creates a great photo. Let's put it to the test. 

For May you can shoot any subject you want, any time. But you gotta do it with (preferaby) the built-in camera in your mobile phone. If you don't have such a critter, you can use a cheesy point-and-shoot camera, the cheesier the better. But no DSLRs! Show us that you've got the "eye," not just a big budget to buy a cupboard full of DSLR bodies and lenses.

Note: while we usually prohibit extensive "Photoshopping" of photos, you can, for this month only, feel free to use any photo-altering software in your camera phone (not your computer), such as Instagram.

And if you don't have a camera phone or a point-and-shoot? Then you and your mighty DSLR can devote all your shooting time to the "general" category.

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