Voting Guidelines


On the first day of every month, the previous month's contest album will be closed to uploads and open to voting. You have seven days to cast your votes before the album is closed to voting and the winners are announced. You can cast only three votes per contest album, clicking once on five, four, and three stars for a proper vote in that album.

To vote, click on the stars below your selected photos, giving five stars for first, four for second, and three for third place. If you make a mistake, give the photo a vote of one star, as any votes under three stars will be discarded. Only vote one star to undo a vote.

Members have agreed that you are not permitted to vote for your own photos, so all votes must be for others' work.


Each vote has the following score value:


5 points (first place vote)


3 points (second place vote)


1 point (third place vote)


discard a previous vote


discard a previous vote


Since all votes are stored in a database, the scores are tabulated by running a query against the database.

Judging the photos

Don’t judge the photos by their thumbnails alone. To fairly judge a photo, click on the thumbnail and view it enlarged to intermediate and or full size.

Consider the qualities of the photo over how much the subject appeals to you personally. Things to consider include:


Is the image powerful? Would it stop your eye as you flicked through a book or magazine?

Topic of the month

Did the photographer stick to the topic? Look out for witty interpretations.
How well does the photo capture the essence of the topic?
Does the photo tell a story?


What in the photo holds your eye the longest?
Is your eye drawn into the subject of the photo or is your eye lead out of the frame?
Does it follow the Rule of Thirds?
Is the photo simple or complex? Are there too many elements in the photo or is it well balanced?

Depth of field

Do other elements in the photo compete with the subject?
Is the background distracting or essential to telling the story?


How sharp is the focus?
Is the photo intentionally or unintentionally blury?


Does the light emphasize the subject?
Is it too harsh or too soft?
Is there too much contrast?


Does the color appear natural and accurate?
Is color used effectively to evoke an emotion?
Is it too dull or too saturated?


Remember this is a photographic contest, not a Photoshop contest. Disregard images that rely on Photoshop manipulation.


At the end of the day all beauty will be in the eye of the beholder so pick what grabs you. Simple.

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