Site Maintenance Complete - Please post wish-list

Submitted by bsvee on Sat, 01/16/2010 - 17:48
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Site maintenance is complete. I had tried to put in the ISOBAP header image that Bill gave me some time ago but unfortunately the sofware is caching the old image and won't let go. After multiple posts to the software's support forum I have opened up a bug issue about it. Perhaps later on I'll have the top banner looking the way I want.

In addition to installing software updates, I have added the following improvements:

  • We finally have a Member Directory that is accessible when logged in. Look under the "Member Information" block to the right.
  • There is now a word processor-style text editor for blog entries.
  • I have removed access to the Forum. It wasn't used much and when somebody did post to the forum nobody noticed.

Please add your comments with wish-list items. I might be able to make changes or find plugins for those suggestions. Note that there still does not exist a proper voting module for the gallery.

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