Voting open for January contest albums

Submitted by bsvee on Sun, 02/01/2009 - 21:41
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Voting is now open in the two January albums. Please review the Voting Guidelines if you have not already done so.

I have created two new albums for February. I recommend that you first upload and edit your images in your personal albums and then move them in to the contest albums in order to avoid the permissions issue.

Site changes

Submitted by bsvee on Sun, 01/18/2009 - 10:19
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I had attempted to modify our theme to use the great new logo that Bill was able to provide us with. Unfortunately, the theme for this site requires three separate sources files to be updated perfectly or otherwise throw the entire layout out of whack. I did the latter, so I had to roll back my changes. I have asked for help with this on the support site for the theme's developer.

Until then, there is a short version of the new logo in place of the big blue face.

February 2009 topic

Submitted by Sebastian Lip on Sun, 01/18/2009 - 06:49

The Feb topic is "Macro, Micro and beyond"

December 2008 Contest Results

Submitted by bsvee on Wed, 01/07/2009 - 20:09
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Congratulations to the following winners!

First Place - Slip for "Climbing the tree"

Second Place - Scott for "Two Flowers"

Third Place (tie) - bbristow for "Going down - under"

Third Place (tie) - bsvee for "Santa Down!"

Owner ID Subject Five Four Three Score
slip 652 Climbing the tree 2 2 0 16
Scott 290 two flowers 0 3 0 9
bbristow 275 Going down - under 1 0 2 7
bsvee 633 Santa Down! 1 0 2 7
Dorothy 726 Christmas Day 1 0 1 6
slip 655 Well grounded family 0 2 0 6
dbriggs 495 Look 1 0 0 5
DonPicard 827 Big Ornament 1 0 0 5
mpicard 520 View From a Bird 1 0 0 5
Scott 286 feet 1 0 0 5
slip 658 Back to Back 0 1 1 4
Scott 394 deck the halls 0 1 0 3
Dorothy 699 spiral stairs 0 0 2 2
bbristow 343 Andre Rieu's stage is set 0 0 1 1

Comments are fixed

Submitted by bsvee on Sun, 01/04/2009 - 12:18
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I was able to fix the background color on the comments. Previously, there was very light gray text over a white background. Feel free to leave a comment if you like a photo.

New procedure for adding photos to contest albums

Submitted by bsvee on Sat, 01/03/2009 - 11:27
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Some if not all of you have had an issue with adding your photos to the monthly contest album. If you add your photo directly to the album then you are unable to make any changes to it on your own. To date, I have had to manually grant the original owner permission to edit his/her own photo.

I have tried out the following procedure that works well. For each entry in the contest, add your photo directly to your own personal photo album. Edit the title and subject after you have added each photo. Finally, select "Move Photo" from the menu below your photo and select the contest album as the destination. After your photo has been moved you will be able to make all changes to it on your own.


Submitted by dorbruce on Tue, 12/23/2008 - 10:48

UndecidedTesting. Where did the blog I wrote go?

January subject is "backlit"

Submitted by BarrySvee on Fri, 12/19/2008 - 15:45
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I am officially announcing that the January subject is, "backlit". I am open to any twisted interpretation of this so long as the group is willing to buy it. If "backlit" means toe fungus in Mandarin then go for it.

Seb is next in line to choose the subject for February.

Please chime in on the forum discussion concerning when we should announce the next month's subject. No decision has been made yet on this.


November Contest

Submitted by BarrySvee on Sun, 12/07/2008 - 13:50
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Congratulations Bill on your first place photo in the November, 2008 contest!

[b]FIRST PLACE[/b] (BIL_2167)


I'm also introducing our new text editor that allows you to insert images from our photo gallery into your post. Simply press the G2 button in the editor and drill down to the images that you want to include in your post.

More to come...


Should members be able to vote on their own photographs in the monthly contest?

Submitted by Sebastian Lip on Wed, 12/03/2008 - 19:16
Total votes: 7
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