About the International Society of Badass Photographers

We all have a great novel in us just trying to get out, but it never does. We also have a great photo lurking about inside our camera also trying to get out. It's ISOBAP's job to reach inside that camera, grab the great photo by the pixel and drag it into the sunlight and under the admiring gaze of a panting, expectant audience.

Photography is about knowing some technical stuff, it's about ideas, it's about having the eye to see the shot and it's certainly about having some luck. But no great shot was ever and will never be taken without the depression of a shutter button.

So depression is what ISOBAP strives for - shutter button depression. To that end ISOBAP provides the projects (monthly) and an admiring international audience to inspire its members to get out there and look for the light and the luck. Click.

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